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Clone a real classic!  


A few years ago, a co-worker, Mitch Pringle, offered me some of his old rockets that were destined for the trash barrel.  Among them was this rocket.  The plastic parts were unpainted and easily removed from the rocket.  I decided to put my casting "skills" to the test and cast representations of these very hard-to-find parts.





Here's what I came up with:


Instead of the original two-piece nose cone, I created a one-piece, hollow nose cone.  Since I cast it as one piece, there's no gluing required. 


Instead of the original wing pods which had 2 plastic pieces and a long, hard-to-find balsa nose cone, I simplified everything and cast it all as one piece.  It's ready to go.  Just epoxy it to the wing-tip and you're finished.


For the tail ring, there wasn't much I could do to make this part simpler, so it's pretty much just like the original.



intercept.jpg (125319 bytes) NOTE: Since the model using these parts is now back in production by the manufacturer, this set has been discontinued.