Moldin' Oldies is now a part of the Sirius Rocketry family of products.

The parts are available (as detailed below) in the Sirius Rocketry secure online store at as they are ready to ship. Mike Schmidt started Moldin' Oldies some years ago, and David Miller took over the line upon Mike's "retirement" to make sure that these items could remain available and to indroduce new items under the Moldin' Oldies name.

David is also working on some new parts not offered before that will also be made available as time permits. Others are being reworked to make them even better. Some of the old molds were a bit tired and time has been spent on making replacement molds for these parts. You can help support the Moldin' Oldies effort by supporting Sirius Rocketry and ordering other products, spreading the word, and adding links to Sirius Rocketry to your website.

Note that the making of these cones is an extremely time-intensive process, and your patience is appreciated as we not only spend that time making some new cones, but we spend time restocking other complex Sirius Rocketry kits that have been selling faster than expected. We need your word-of-mouth to help us, so that we can spend the time making the cones that will allow you to recreate some of your old favorites! Please let people know we are here by linking to our website at



NEW and Original items coming to the Sirius Rocketry Webstore soon!

9-16-09 - It has been several years since we took over Moldin' Oldies, and many many parts have gone out the door, and we thank you for your support. Some new products are just around the corner that will be a new part of the Moldin' Oldies by Sirius Rocketry line. Not just repros, but improved items. And, a few original items for your scratchbuilding purposes. I'll have some preview pictures here soon.


Initial Stock of Moldin' Oldies Parts Now (Finally!) Available at the Sirius Rocketry Website!


11-08-08 - Our initial and long-awaited stock of Moldin' Oldies cones is now available at the Sirius Rocketry website, just in time for the winter "building season"! The initially-available cones include some of the most in-demand cones from the Moldin' Oldies inventory, including the Saturn capsule and fairing sets, which were some of Mike's very first castings. As many of the original molds were rather worn out, new Saturn molds were made, and several other molds are in the process of being re-made. More molds are being re-done as time permits, so please check back frequently as we will be adding cones to the site as we get the molds done and more cones made.


Please note that because of Mike's agreement with the original kit makers and our willingness to honor that same agreement in taking over that we cannot name the specific kits these cones belong to, just the part numbers. However Scott Hansen's Ye Olde Rocket Shoppe has tons of resources for lovers of the old kits (including nose cone/kit lists) that can help you with matching nose cones with the kits they belonged to. It is a great resource, and there are also other member-experts that can help you at Scott's Ye Olde Rocket Forum, another resource I highly recommend! A post on the forum will find lots of people willing to help you. Note also that these cones are reproduced for private, personal use in "cloning" your favorite old and unavailable kits, but are not to be used in any commercial kits.


More cones will be added to the site as they are molded, and the total selection will expand with time. Please keep in mind that each cone takes about 15-20 minutes to make and as such is priced accordingly. Casting resin, being a petro-based product has also increased exponentially the last year. Also, making new molds is expensive, and that cost has to be spread over the amount of cones that can be produced from that mold before it wears out. Thus, if you can also order some other products while you order your cone, that helps immensely! Note that Sirius Rocketry produces some great kits, and also carries the most inriguing and challenging kits from other makers. We also carry a large amount of accessories, parts, glues, motors and other items.


Tips for working with Moldin' Oldies Parts


----Older Entries Below:----

An update from David:

Everyone should give a big round of thanks to Mike for wanting to continue to make the cones available and wanting to "pass the torch" rather than let these items disappear forever.

At NARCON we had some of the new run of cones available, and they were very well-received. As Mike mentioned above, I do lead an insanely busy life, so time is very limited. This may change for the better in the near future if everyone can continue spreading the word about Sirius Rocketry. Word-of-mouth is our best advertisement, and we need YOU to spread the word!

In the past, Mike made the cones available on a made-to-order basis, but I will be making runs of cones available in the Sirius Rocketry webstore as stock items, meaning, when I have batches of particular cones made and they are in stock, they will be shown in the store and available to order, and when they are out, they will not be in the store until another batch is made. The delivery on in-stock cones will be faster, since they will not be made-to-order, but made-to-stock. I will not be able to take custom orders, as that would greatly impact the kind of quick service that Sirius Rocketry has been able to give.

My first stock runs are of some of Mike's most popular cones, and when they go into the store, I anticipate them going quickly, so don't be too greedy!

Above: New Moldin' oldies cones at NARCON 2008. We sold through 3/4 of the stock of cones that we brought, and this is about what was left.

Other cones will take a little longer to bring back, as some of Mike's original molds have grown tired and will need to be re-made, again, time permitting.

So what I can say is: watch the online store for available items, and what I can make available will be there as I can make them. I would kindly ask that e-mail inquiries are kept to a minimum, as answering an email about specific items and availability takes about as much time as it takes to turn out two to three cones. And I am sure you would rather have me spend the time turning out the cone rather than not because I ran out of time answering another email.

More in this space as time permits....and other news on the Sirius Rocketry news page.


The new logo, with the Sirius Rocketry flavor.


For nostalgia's sake, Mike's Old Moldin' Oldies Site